Australia has one of the driest and hottest environments on earth. Inflector performs better than double glazing at protecting homes or buildings from external heat. In many buildings, space heating and cooling accounts for 60-80% of energy costs. Without the right protection most of that energy is lost straight out the window.

Through reflection, absorption, and insulation, Inflector addresses each thermal performance issue created by windows while maintaining visibility and light entry.


Inflector technology is a single application solution that combats all methods of heat transfer and energy loss through glass, with minimal obstruction of natural light or views to the outside.




Inflector provides an increase in comfort with
a proven return on investment

Inflector is a uniquely engineered solution that provides solar filtering and can be applied in a range of installation options to suit each individual home or building’s interior design. Inflector works all year by helping strengthen the deficiencies of the weakest thermal element in any home or building, glass, and aids in stabilising indoor temperatures by a process of reflection, absorption, and insulation.


Inflector allows natural light in, while reflecting out solar heat and absorbing damaging ultraviolet light to create a safer, more comfortable environment along with lower energy bills.


The patented Inflector technology was initially developed by NASA in the 1960s for the space suits worn by astronauts.





Inflector reflects heat due to the innovative dielectric coatings of aluminium with high and low refractive indexes applied to one side of the product. Heat rejection by this aluminium layer, means the rejected heat does not have to be removed by the buildings HVAC system. This results in a reduction of electricity consumption, and may prolong the productive life of HVAC units.

Inflector includes a sheet of UV filtering polymer, this polymer absorbs and blocks out up to 90% of harmful ultraviolet light protecting occupants, carpets, furniture and pictures from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.

Inflector is installed as a sealed panel, inserted to the inside of the glass window, successfully insulating the room, increasing the thermal protection and insulation value of the building.